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    GTT, Russia to Collaborate on LNG Tankers


A consortium including Russian Rosneft and GazpromBank are licensing membrane technology for tankers serving northern Russian LNG projects.

by: William Powell

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GTT, Russia to Collaborate on LNG Tankers

French LNG engineering specialist GTT has signed a technical assistance and licence agreement with the Russian shipyard Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, it said July 2. The agreement covers building winterised LNG carriers (LNGC) using GTT membrane tank solutions.

It said the contract will allow Zvezda to build Arc-7 ice breaking LNGCs, fitted with the GTT membrane storage system. Arc-7 tankers are designed to operate in the often ice-bound Arctic.

Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex was set up by Zvezda Far Eastern Shipyard, Rosneft and Gazprombank. Zvezda obtained its GTT licence after a qualification process that began in September 2017, including building a mock-up.

The shipyard plans to specialise in the construction of large-capacity vessels, ice-class ships, special vessels and marine equipment or offshore platforms. Construction of LNGC is one of the priority directions of the production program of the shipyard.