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    Greenpeace plans further protests against Shell's Jackdaw project


The major has meanwhile reportedly resumed plans to offload its stake in the Cambo oil project.

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Greenpeace plans further protests against Shell's Jackdaw project

Environmental group Greenpeace has called for further protests this month against the offshore Jackdaw gas project, which Shell approved for development last month.

Shell greenlit the project, set to produce 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent/day at its peak, after the UK's environmental regulator approved the company's development plans. Last year the plans had been rejected, prompting Shell to revise them to reduce the field's expected emissions.

Greenpeace has challenged the government's approval of the project, and has called for protests against the decision to take place across the UK between August 20 and 27. In a statement, it said that the government had "decided to place the narrow interests of Shell and its shareholders over the public good."

The organisation has vowed to maintain its opposition to any new oil and gas projects in the UK, and that includes the giant Cambo oilfield, which was the target of a sustained campaign by Greenpeace and other environmentalists last year. Shell subsequently announced its intention to withdraw from the project, citing weak economics. The BBC reported back in March that Shell was reconsidering that decision in light of soaring oil and gas prices, but Reuters reported on August 11 that it had launched the sales process for its 30% stake in Cambo.

The field's operator, in control of the remaining 70% interest, is Ithaca.

Shell and others in the industry have defended the need for new oil and gas projects in the UK, in order to strengthen the country's energy security by limiting its reliance on imported energy.