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    Global Shale Gas Summit To Take Place in Poland



On July 19 and 20, leaders in the shale gas industry will meet in Warsaw, Poland for a Global Shale Gas Summit. Discussing cost-competitive...

by: Trevor J. Murphy

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Global Shale Gas Summit To Take Place in Poland

On July 19 and 20, leaders in the shale gas industry will meet in Warsaw, Poland for a Global Shale Gas Summit.

Discussing cost-competitive commercial and technical solutions for expanding global shale gas development as well the global application of commercially-viable shale gas models, the summit will feature talks from key speakers such as Tony Atherton, VP & Country Manager of Talisman Energy Poland, Timothy Benton, VP of Geosciences for GMX Resources, Mike Smith, Executive Director of the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission, Al Holcomb, VP of Strategic Planning for Lewis Energy Group, and Professor Maciej Kaliski, Director of the Department of Oil & Gas for the Ministry of Economy in Poland among others.

From the Global Shale Gas Summit 2010 website:

What Makes A Financially Viable Shale Gas Prospect?

The abundance in recent years of US shale gas has sparked enormous interest from the oil and gas industry into different shale regions around the world, where exploration is currently underway to find out if, and where, shale gas will be as productive as it is in North America.

But what can governments do to encourage the development of shale gas in their own countries?

* How can investment in the expensive E+P process be encouraged, given the environmental and regulatory barriers-to-entry faced in some regions?
* How can shale gas production become cost-competitive in different regions, given the current low price of gas?

As one of the hottest geographical areas so far identified for exploring the potential for shale gas as a cost-competitive resource, Warsaw is the ideal venue for this major Summit, enabling the global shale gas industry to meet with the key government and industry players in Poland, and potentially facilitating future energy independence from their Russian neighbours.

Having seen the drastic impact of shale gas on both the North American and global energy balance, now is a critical time to assess the realistic prospects and genuine business opportunities for shale gas production worldwide, by addressing the geological data and the commercial feasibility of shale gas technology when applied to other regions.

Expanding Cost-Competitive Shale Gas Worldwide: Where Do The Geological Prospects For Shale Gas Lie?

Without yet having conclusive data from shale gas drilling in Europe or elsewhere in the world, the industry nevertheless needs clarity on how and where shale gas is likely to be a commercially viable resource. Moreover, outlining what data is available and what data is still needed to predict the future productivity of shales, compared to the three biggest shale plays in the US will be critical. The Summit will feature a series of detailed panels given by senior geologists from different regions of the world.

Combined with governments talking about how regulatory and land use issues will affect the commerciality of shale gas in these regions, this will help companies to define how they can gain entry and move forward in different regions.

Cost Reduction, Optimization & Offsetting

Having delved into the geological data by region, countries need to find out exactly how the capital and energy-intensive exploration, drilling, completion and production processes can be optimized to make shale gas commercially-viable.

Leading service companies in the field will deliver innovative tools & techniques for throughout the exploration and production processes of shale gas, including cost-optimization of drilling and completion. This is also a chance to discuss how service companies envisage supplying demand for shale gas in the future and the cost implications of ramping up supply chain capabilities in new regions.

Opening the floor for a discussion on the application of North American technologies globally, breakfast briefings from independent US shale gas experts will bring newcomers up-to-speed on the economics, mechanics, and challenges of horizontal drilling and the use of the hydraulic fracturing technique.

Partnerships & Regionally-Specific Regulation - Strategies For Entry Into New Markets

Bringing government and industry together from Europe and beyond, this is the premier business conference to focus purely on strategies and solutions for expanding global shale gas. Here, US shale gas experts will meet with governments to facilitate commercial shale gas development outside of North America for the first time.

High on the agenda for both industry and government, this summit will also address the importance of managing and mitigating environmental risks, including water availability, disposal and reuse, to understand what the cost-implications of environmental risk will be.

The Need For Shale Gas: Why This Event Comes At A Crucial Time For The Global Industry

With US technical innovations allowing gas to be extracted in different shales across North America from previously impenetrable reserves, shale gas has never been a more important issue for the global oil and gas industry and those in charge of securing future gas supply. At this summit the industry will learn from US experiences, identify the challenges of expanding cost-competitive shale gas production worldwide, in terms of strategies and technology, and overcome regulatory and environmental barriers to bring this new resource to market at this crucial time, to meet the growing demands of gas consumers.

Global Shale Gas Summit 2010