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    Germany merges gas hubs


The new hub covers the entire German market.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Germany merges gas hubs

Germany completed the merger of its two gas hubs on October 1, in a move expected to increase liquidity and reduce costs.

Gaspool and NetConnect Germany have been combined to form a single hub called Trading Hub Europe (THE), their operators said on October 1. THE will cover the entire German market – 40,000 km of pipelines connecting over 700 distribution networks.

"Thanks to its central location, high service quality and our customer-friendly approach, THE will be the central starting point for further cross-border links between individual European gas markets," one of the hub's trading managers, Sebastian Kemper, commented. 

The operators said THE represented one of the most attractive and liquid gas trading hubs in Europe, and would benefit shippers, end customers, network operators and balancing group managers.