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    German Grids Invite Comments on Expansion Plans


Germany is preparing for increased gas imports over the next decade.

by: Joseph Murphy

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German Grids Invite Comments on Expansion Plans

A group of German gas grid operators, FNB, has launched a public consultation on a 2020-2030 investment plan worth 8.5bn ($9.4bn) for developing the country's gas transmission network, the group said on May 4.

The Gas Network Development Plan (Gas NDP) calls for 1,746 km of pipelines and 405 MW of compressor capacity to be added to grids in the 10-year period. FNB will give market participants until May 29 to submit comments on the Gas Network Development Plan (Gas NDP). The gas operators will hold a web-based workshop to discuss it on May 13.

Germany is already the biggest gas market in Europe, consuming more than 100bn m3 in 2019. The country only produced 6.1bn m3 that year, according to industry association Bveg, with the bulk of its needs covered by imports from Russia via the Czech Republic, Poland and the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, as well as supples from North Sea fields.

The investment plan aims to prepare Germany for even greater imports of gas over the next decade. Included is the Eugal project, which will carry gas from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from northern Germany to the Czech Republic. The plan also sets out provisions for one or two planned LNG import terminals.

Unlike the early 2018-2028 development plan, the new plan also covers provisions for supplying more gas to the land-locked Baden Wurttemberg state in southwest Germany. The region's nuclear and aged coal-fired power plants are due to shut down in the coming years, increasing its gas needs.

FNB's members include Bayernets, Fluxys Deutschland, Fluxys TENP, Gascade Gastransport, Gastransport Nord, Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services, GRTgaz Deutschland, Lubmin-Brandov Gastransport, NEL Gastransport, Nowega, Ontras Gastransport, Opal Gastransport, Open Grid Europe, Terranets BW and Thyssengas.