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    German company to mass produce electrolysers


A debate is brewing in the German energy sector over the hydrogen colour spectrum.

by: Daniel Graeber

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German company to mass produce electrolysers

German cleantech company Enapter announced September 15 that it broke ground on a facility that will be able to mass produce electrolysers for green hydrogen.

A two-acre campus in North Rhine-Westphalia will be the future site of a mass production facility where Enapter is envisioning output of 10,000 electrolysers per month. So-called green hydrogen is produced by using a renewable energy-powered electrolyser that splits water into its elemental components.

“To massively reduce the costs for green hydrogen production and reach global climate goals, we now need to scale existing technologies at speed," Enapter CEO Sebastian-Justus Schmidt said.

Enapter says it expects total costs to come in at around €105mn. By mass producing electrolysers, the company said green hydrogen could “quickly” become cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

First customer deliveries of the electrolysers are expected by 2023.

Green hydrogen is costlier than blue hydrogen, which is processed from natural gas. German energy company Wintershall has been critical of the emphasis on green hydrogen, saying embracing blue hydrogen would help niche, but emerging, technologies develop quicker.

Germany is poised to become one of the world's biggest hydrogen markets under a strategy unveiled by the government last year.