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    Gazprom threatens to cut gas supply to Moldova


The threat comes several weeks after the two sides reached a new long-term gas supply contract.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Gazprom threatens to cut gas supply to Moldova

 Russia's Gazprom could cut off gas supplies to Moldova unless the country pays for its gas supplies, company spokesman Sergei Kupryanov told Russian broadcaster NTV on November 22.

Gazprom and Moldova reached a five-year supply contract at the end of October. The small east European state, which relies on Gazprom for 100% of its gas, declared a state of emergency earlier that month after the company cut shipments. Moldovan deputy prime minister Andrei Spinu said the republic would pay $450/'000 m3 for gas this month.

Gazprom signed a contract "practically on the terms of the Moldovan side," Kupryanov said, but only on condition that Chisinau pays for supplies "100% on time." He said the deadline for current payments was November 22, and that Gazprom would cut off supplies if Moldova did not pay within 48 hours.

Gazprom is "extremely disappointed with Moldova's failure to fulfil its contractual obligations," he said.