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    Russia’s Exports to Europe, Turkey hit 159.4bn m³


Gazprom hits record in gas deliveries to Germany

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Russia’s Exports to Europe, Turkey hit 159.4bn m³

Exports of Russian gas to the ‘far abroad’ rose 8% in 2015, compared with the previous year, reaching 159.4bn m3, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said January 11.

“I would like to mention a significant growth of Russian gas deliveries to our biggest consumers. In 2015, exports to Germany rose 17.1%; to Italy, by 12.6%; to France, by 36.8%; to UK, by 10.2%; and to Austria, by 11.5%. One should add that in 2015 Gazprom hit an absolute record of gas export to Germany: 45.3 bn m³,” Miller said.

The main reason of growth of gas exports to the ‘far abroad’ was reduction of gas extraction in Europe. We see that this tendency has been growing. Growth of gas export to far abroad by 11.8 bn m3 during one year shows the necessity of building North Stream 2,” said Miller. 

Both Norway and UK saw production go up last year, with Norway also exporting a record amount of gas. But production was down in the Netherlands as the government has capped the Groningen field, to allay fears of tremors caused by operations there.

The ‘far abroad’ consists of countries in Europe outside Russia except Ukraine and Belarus; and Turkey. The ‘near abroad’ is the former Soviet Union except the Baltic States.

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