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    Gazprom Extends Trading Platform Functions


The platform allows new options for indexation, and flexibility over volume and location.

by: William Powell

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Gazprom Extends Trading Platform Functions

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom Export launched more types of trading instruments on its electronic sales platform (ESP) earlier this month, it said September 17. It now offers "new instruments with geographical and volume flexibility: the former allows several delivery points to choose from, while the latter allows supply volumes to vary on a daily basis," it said. 

In addition there are contracts linked to different energy carriers and gas indexes. The ESP interface has also been updated, to make working with new products easier, it said. In June, the company announced a record monthly ESP volume traded of 4.91bn m³. 

“The results of trade with existing instruments indicate that the ESP is highly demanded by the market. Even within today’s challenging environment, the ESP continues its confident development by offering its clients new competitive products," said the company's head, Elena Burmistrova.