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    Gazprom Export Sells Gas in Roubles


Most of its exchange-based transactions are in euros.

by: William Powell

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Gazprom Export Sells Gas in Roubles

Russian pipeline gas export monopoly Gazprom Export sold gas to western Europe priced in rubles for the fourth time on the Electronic Sales Platform July 1, it said August 6. The gas will be delivered within August to Gaspool, a German trading point. No other details such as volume and price were given.

“We have already performed three sales deals on the Electronic Sales Platform (ESP) with payment in rubles to several clients from Western Europe. It is of huge importance as we see that such kind of deals with payment in rubles is demanded by the European market,” said Gazprom's deputy chairman of the Gazprom board and Gazprom Export head Elena Burmistrova. The ESP produces an index price in both euros and rubles.