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    Gazprom Considers Options for Hydrogen


The Russian gas giant currently produces 350,000 metric tons/year of the fuel.

by: Joe Murphy

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Gazprom Considers Options for Hydrogen

Russia's Gazprom is reviewing its options for producing and utilising hydrogen in Russia, the company reported in a statement on March 18.

A number of countries in Europe, the biggest market for Russian gas, are drawing up plans to develop hydrogen as a major energy source over the coming years and decades, in order to decarbonise areas of industry that are difficult to decarbonise with renewables. The European Commission published a long-awaited hydrogen strategy in July last year, and a number of bloc members have unveiled national roadmaps for its development.

Gazprom currently produces over 350,000 metric tons/year of hydrogen using various technologies, it said. The company said it wanted to develop its own "technological competencies" in the field of hydrogen energy. It is considering the use of methane-hydrogen fuel in its upstream activities, the production of hydrogen from methane with zero CO2 emissions and the development of hydrogen transport, for export among other things.

"The large-scale implementation of such technologies will create additional demand for natural gas as a feedstock for hydrogen production," Gazprom said.