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    Gazprom Commits to Cutting Methane Leaks


Russian export monopoly Gazprom has signed the ‘guiding principles’ on reducing methane emissions across the natural gas value chain and has already made a start.

by: Dalga Khatinoglu; Goynur Shukurova

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Gazprom Commits to Cutting Methane Leaks

Russian export monopoly Gazprom has signed the ‘guiding principles’ on reducing methane emissions across the natural gas value chain, it said March 19.

In November 2017, the document was inked by UK BP, Italian Eni, US ExxonMobil, Spanish Repsol, Anglo-Dutch Shell, Norwegian Statoil, French Total and German Wintershall as well.

By signing the document, the company committed itself to further reduce methane emissions from its facilities and to encourage other market participants to do so, from production to the final consumer.

Gazprom has not yet published the actual methane emissions in its latest annual report for 2016, but said that it has reduced total pollutant emissions by 542.39,000 metric tons in 2012–2016.

According to World Bank latest statistics, Russia’s total methane emissions in 2012 was 545.8mn metric tons in 2012. No updated statistics are available. Methane accounts for a sixth of global greenhouse gas emissions, second after CO2 with two thirds.

The guiding principles were developed in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund, the International Energy Agency, the International Gas Union, the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) Climate Investments, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Sustainable Gas Institute, The Energy and Resources Institute, and United Nations Environment Programme.

The document aims to continually reduce methane emissions, advance strong performance across gas value chains, improve accuracy of methane emissions data, advocate sound policies and regulations on methane emissions, and increase transparency.

Through this document, Gazprom reaffirms its environmental responsibility to the international community. Our company is making considerable efforts to improve global energy security and prevent climate change by strengthening the role of natural gas as a major driver of energy demand, the deputy chairman of the Gazprom management committee Sergei Khomyakov said.