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    Gasum to Supply LNG to Norwegian Steelmaker


The gas will be delivered via truck from Tornio, Finland, to a steelworks in Mo i Rana, Norway.

by: Joe Murphy

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Gasum to Supply LNG to Norwegian Steelmaker

Finland's Gasum has secured a contract to supply LNG to Norwegian steelmaker Celsa Armeringsstal in Mo i Rana, Norway, it said on September 16.

LNG will be delivered via truck from Tornio, Finland, which hosts the largest LNG terminal in the Nordic region. The contract also covers the development of a new customer terminal in the Mo Industrial Park, due to start running in July 2021, Gasum said.

Celsa Armeringsstal is the biggest reinforced steel manufacturer in the Nordic region, producing steel from scrap metals. Switching to LNG will help the company lower its CO2 emissions, it said.

"By 2030 our goal is to lower our CO2 emissions by 50% and in 2050 we aim to be completely CO2 neutral," Celsa Armeringsstal CEO Carles Rovira said. "Our contract with Gasum is a strategic step towards our short-term sustainability goals, without compromising our cost-effectiveness."

Celsa Armeringsstal annually uses 500 GWh of energy, and moving to LNG will lead to a 35% cut in its CO2 emissions. The fuel also produces no sulphur oxides and 85% less nitrogen oxides than oil products.

"Seeing this investment and partnership come to a reality is naturally great news for us and further promotes sustainable energy sources in the Nordics," Gasum said. "In addition, the new terminal gives us an opportunity to connect with other potential customers in the area who are interested in reducing their emissions by choosing LNG."

(Picture courtesy of Gasum)