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    Gasum opens N Norway filling station


The new station, in the north of the country, will be a stepping-stone between the Finnish utility's network in the Oslo region and its Swedish network.

by: William Powell

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Gasum opens N Norway filling station

Finnish state utility Gasum will open a natural gas filling station for trucks to the south of the Norwegian city of Trondheim in early August, it said April 23. The station will supply both liquefied and compressed gas. It will enable a low emission logistics solution for several actors in the area, Gasum said.

The area is a heavy traffic hub and integrates Gasum’s network in the Oslo region with stations such as Ostersund and Umea in the northern parts of Sweden.

Gasum said there has been "considerable interest in using this filling station and several companies have signalled that this opens up completely new opportunities for them to transition to low-emission transport.”

The station is a project jointly owned by retail chain Coop, whose land it will occupy. It will also supply Coop with renewable biogas for its transport partners and help to reduce emissions from heavy transport. The station will be open to all wishing to fill up with biogas. Coop has invested in biogas vehicles.

Norway has set a national goal of reducing emissions by at least 50% by 2030. By reducing carbon emissions from road traffic and by using renewable fuels, such as biogas, the industry believes a 70% reduction in total emissions can be reached if 20% of the heavy transport market switches to biogas. 

Norway's electricity network is already close to zero carbon, running as it does on hydro, meaning it has to tackle the harder areas of energy use. Long-distance transport account for 70% of emissions from heavier vehicles.