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    Gasum Gas Fund Powers R&D


Grants will drive research into recycling biogas production wastewater nutrients.

by: Tim Gosling

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Gasum Gas Fund Powers R&D

Finnish state-owned Gasum announced May 14 that it has handed out €62,000 worth of grants to researchers in 2019.

The Gasum Gas Fund, run and administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES), handed out financing for research of technology and innovations that play key roles in the journey towards a clean and sustainable Nordic gas ecosystem, the company said in statement.

“Gasum promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future together with its partners. Increasing the biogas market and biogas production capacity and promoting the circular economy is a key element of the Gasum strategy. It was an honour for us to provide several promising gas-sector researchers with grants this year,” said Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

Eight researchers received grants in 2019. Many are engaged in studying the recycling of nutrients in wastewater from biogas production.