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    Gasum Does LNG Bunkering in Germany


The Finnish state company is extending its range.

by: William Powell

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Gasum Does LNG Bunkering in Germany

Finnish state utility Gasum has completed its first LNG bunkering operation in Emden, Germany, it said November 30. The bunkering was successfully performed November 22 by Gasum’s Coralius (pictured during a different operation). The customer was SIEM Confucius, a car carrier. It had been confined to the body of water between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, although it did venture into the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp area for bunkering in the summer.

Emden, as well as being the German landfall for Norwegian pipeline gas, is also a major car shipping port. SIEM Confucius operates trans-Atlantic and her regular route includes US, Mexico and Emden port every 50 days. 

“A lot of preparation went into this first LNG delivery with Gasum. As a result of this close collaboration between SIEM and Gasum the LNG delivery was accomplished very smoothly and well within the allowed time. We are delighted to have added a new supply option in Emden”, said SIEM Group. 

Gasum said: "It’s evident that the more popular LNG becomes in maritime transport, we too must become even more flexible and bring our services to wherever they are needed.”

Switching to LNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least a fifth, Gasum said, and improves local air quality. In addition, it meets all current and forthcoming regulations set out by the International Maritime Organisation and EU regulations.