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Volume 1, Issue 8 - September 7, 2020

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GasTransitions Vol. 1, Issue 7

How will the gas industry evolve in the low-carbon world of the future?

Will natural gas be a bridge or a destination?

Could it become the foundation of a global hydrogen economy, in combination with CCS?

How big will “green” hydrogen and biogas become?

What will be the role of LNG and bio-LNG in transport?

Gas Transitions is an independent monthly magazine providing news, insights and opinions on the evolving role of gas in an increasingly low-carbon energy system.

 Available monthly to NGW Premium Subscribers.

In this Issue: 

From the Editor: The Rocky Road to Hydrogen

If you had asked energy experts two years ago what they thought of the prospects of renewable hydrogen, they would probably have said that it might be one of the solutions we could pursue to get to a zero-emission energy system.

European pipeline operators present optimistic plan

Pipeline operators: European “hydrogen Backbone” possible at “very modest cost”

Green hydrogen costs: HSBC analysts don’t get it

Analysts focus too much on capital costs of electrolysis when they talk about green hydrogen, writes independent energy consultant Mike Parr. They also tend to overestimate overall costs.

Global hydrogen rollout?

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), a “green” think tank based in the U.S. and Australia, has published a useful overview of the global state of play in the hydrogen sector with some important findings.

Risks to the climate may be greater than we realise

The use of hydrogen as a fuel could make global warming worse by affecting chemical reactions in the atmosphere, write researchers Michael Prather and Graeme Pearman. They argue that more research needs to be done before we put all our cards on a hydrogen economy.

Vested interests leading us astray?

There is no compelling case for hydrogen replacing natural gas as a major source of heat and power in the UK, argues Tom Baxter, senior lecturer at Aberdeen University.

Gas Transition News

  • German startup: “German power costs prevent domestic green hydrogen projects”
  • “Renewable heat system to reduce industrial gas use by up to 80%”
  • World’s first fossil-free steel plant starts production in Sweden
  • and more…


Gas Transitions Vol. 1, Issue 1


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