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Volume 1, Issue 2 - March 9, 2020

GasTransitions Vol. 1, Issue 2

How will the gas industry evolve in the low-carbon world of the future?

Will natural gas be a bridge or a destination?

Could it become the foundation of a global hydrogen economy, in combination with CCS?

How big will “green” hydrogen and biogas become?

What will be the role of LNG and bio-LNG in transport?

Gas Transitions is an independent monthly magazine providing news, insights and opinions on the evolving role of gas in an increasingly low-carbon energy system.

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In this Issue:

Hydrogen envoy Noé van Hulst

For the natural gas industry, hydrogen is the chance to become part of the energy transition.

Hydrogen critic Paul Martin

We need to make existing hydrogen production renewable before we can talk about other uses.

Royal Society makes case for ammonia economy

In a recent Policy Briefing, the British Royal Society makes the case for the production of “green ammonia”, based on renewable energy sources.


European trading scheme for green gases, Shell reaches for “green” hydrogen sky, Australia goes for “blue” hydrogen, and more Gas Transition news. 

SPECIAL FEATURE: Natural gas in buildings

The US, UK and Germany are all looking for ways to “green” their home heating systems.

Gas Transitions Vol. 1, Issue 1


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