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Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 11, 2021

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GasTransitions Vol. 2, Issue 1

How will the gas industry evolve in the low-carbon world of the future?

Will natural gas be a bridge or a destination?

Could it become the foundation of a global hydrogen economy, in combination with CCS?

How big will “green” hydrogen and biogas become?

What will be the role of LNG and bio-LNG in transport?

Gas Transitions is an independent monthly magazine providing news, insights and opinions on the evolving role of gas in an increasingly low-carbon energy system.

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In this Issue: 

From the Editor: In 2021 natural gas takes centre stage

In the gas industry, the “future role of gas” has been an important topic for many years now, and you may even think you have “heard it all before”.

Interview Luca Franza: “All the talk over gas as geopolitical issue is not justified”

“The emphasis on gas as a geopolitical issue is not justified,” says Luca Franza, Head of the Energy, Climate & Resources Programme at the Italian Institute of International Affairs (Istituto Affari Internazionali) and Associate Fellow at the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP), in an interview with Gas Transitions.

EU fight over role of natural gas ends in compromises

The month of December saw an intense struggle within the EU over the role of natural gas in the energy transition coming to a head. The predictable result: several compromises with some wins and some losses for advocates of natural gas.

Fraunhofer: green hydrogen imports not as easy as you think

Most studies underestimate the complexity of the large-scale imports of green hydrogen, according to a new study from the German Fraunhofer Institute. They also focus too much on costs rather than on expected future prices. The ambitious German hydrogen strategy relies strongly on large green hydrogen imports from developing countries in the future.

Rapid growth of woodburning destroys forests with no climate benefits

Instead of switching from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas, coal power producers in Europe and Asia are massively switching to biomass, with disastrous effects on forests and little or no climate benefits. These practices are encouraged by UN and EU legislation.

Gas Transition News

  • United Airlines invests in direct air capture plant
  • Neptune Energy announces big CCS plan for the Netherlands
  • Korean companies bet big on hydrogen for zero-emission goal
  • Hydrogen can become billion-euro business for Siemens Energy – CEO
  • and more..




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