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Natural Gas Europe is pleased to introduce Gas Dialogues, a discussion forum focused on facilitating engagement and understanding of key issues impacting the European natural gas sector. 

While traditional conferences often entail one-way communication from the narrow perspective of the conference organizer, Gas Dialogues sessions provide a neutral forum to foster engagement between the different sides of the debate, including those who will shape – and be impacted by – developments in natural gas matters.

Gas Dialogues hosts a spectrum of industry stakeholders to engage in the examination of relevant, topical matters including the role of gas in Europe's energy mix, security of supply, unconventional development, environmental impact and technological advancements.

Past Events

2030 EU Energy Security, the Role of the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region

Natural Gas: The Perspectives for Central and South Europe

Role of Serbia in the Balkan Energy Market

Past Events Series 

South Stream: The Evolution of a Pipeline

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If you are interested in bringing forth engagement on a certain topic(s) by supporting a Gas Dialogues event or events series, contact us by emailing partnerships@minoils.com.

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