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    Gas-to-power breakthrough made in Texas


NET Power said it has delivered zero-emission power to the Texas grid.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Gas-to-power breakthrough made in Texas

Energy company NET Power on November 16 said it made a technological breakthrough by putting zero-emission electricity derived from natural gas on the Texas grid.

NET Power, owned in part by energy services company McDermott International, a low-carbon division of Occidental Petroleum and others, said it delivered electricity to the Texas grid from a test facility that churns out zero-emission electricity.

“NET Power's technology burns natural gas and uses supercritical CO2 to generate electricity while inherently capturing CO2 and has now been validated in its delivery of electricity to the grid,” the company explained.

NET Power said its product has zero emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particulates. Any left-over CO2 is considered pipeline-quality, but could be stored permanently in underground geological formations.

The company said it was working with its portfolio of clients to develop utility-scale plants that could be up and running within the next five years.