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    Event Invitation: Discuss the New LNG and Gas Storage Strategy with Maroš Šefčovič



NGE is offering you the chance to attend a free discussion session about the EU's new LNG and gas storage strategy with Maroš Šefčovič and MEP Jerzy Buzek

by: Erica Mills

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Event Invitation: Discuss the New LNG and Gas Storage Strategy with Maroš Šefčovič

Earlier this month, the European Commission set out its new strategy for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas storage in the European Union. Now, Natural Gas Europe is offering you the chance to attend a free hour-long discussion session about the strategy with the Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union, Mr Maroš Šefčovič and MEP Mr Jerzy Buzek, the Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

This March 2, from 16:00 to 17:00, in the Polak Room, Residence Palace, Brussels, you're invited to listen to them speak about this strategy and what it means for the European Union. 

A Chance to Discuss the Practicalities of the EU Strategy for LNG and Gas Storage 

The EU Strategy for LNG and Gas Storage, released on February 16, has been discussed at length in the media, with some calling it a "game-changer", one that will increase energy security for the entire union.

Gas storage and LNG in particular are a strong focus of the European Commission in terms of diversification and energy security. Natural gas represents around a quarter of the EU's overall energy consumption but right now less than half of all gas consumed is produced domestically in Europe. 

The rest is imported, primarily from Russia, Norway and Algeria by pipeline but there is a growing number of LNG exporters. The new strategy aims to improve the access of all member states to LNG and storage.

Mr Šefčovič says that "access of LNG terminals to more than just one national market is a cornerstone to their commercial viability. We are approaching the stage of having enough LNG import capacities and now we need to ensure that the access to them is distributed across the EU, regardless if a member state is landlocked or has a seacoast."

Your Questions About the New Strategy

At the discussion session, Mr Šefčovič will speak about LNG and about the strategy: what does it mean in practical terms and how might it affect the gas market? 

Moderated by Natural Gas Europe's editor-in-chief, William Powell – a veteran reporter, commentator, and editor with 20 years' experience in publications including FT EnergyPetroleum EconomistArgus Media and Platts  – this discussion will not just feature speeches from Mr Šefčovič and Mr Buzek but will also encourage participation from the audience. If you have a question about the EU LNG and Gas Storage Strategy, this could be your chance to have it answered.

Natural Gas Europe, through its discussion forum, Gas Dialogues, aims to facilitate engagement and understanding of key issues through discussion from all parties. While traditional conferences often entail one-way communication from the narrow perspective of the conference organiser, Gas Dialogues sessions provide a neutral forum to foster engagement between the different sides of the debate, including those who will shape – and be impacted by – developments in natural gas matters. As such, you will be invited to ask the questions throughout this session that you would like answered. 

Details of the Event

Places at this discussion session are free to all interested parties. However, registration is required. Interest in this event has been high; at the time of writing, only a select number of places were still available. 

If you'd like to attend, please click here to enter your contact details and to reserve your free place