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    French Total to cut LNG-related emissions with Siemens


The two companies have already agreed to study decarbonising brownfield and greenfield LNG developments. [image credit: Siemens]

by: William Powell

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French Total to cut LNG-related emissions with Siemens

French energy major Total and Siemens Energy are to collaborate on cutting emissions of CO2 from gas liquefaction facilities and associated power generation, they said April 13. Hydrogen combustion to drive turbines, the use of renewable energy in liquefaction plants’ power systems and efficiency enhancements are all on the agenda.

Upstream boss Arnaud Breuillac said the collaboration "brings many opportunities to further reduce the carbon footprint of our activities, especially in our strategic LNG business...  Low carbon LNG will contribute to meet the growth in global energy demand whilst reducing the carbon intensity of the energy products consumed. Reducing its carbon footprint is essential for LNG to play its role fully in the energy transition.”

Siemens Energy said the agreement was the "next step", following the announcement last June to collaborate and conduct studies on liquefaction and power generation plant designs to help decarbonise LNG production. Siemens is also to supply turbines for the Total-led Mozamique LNG project.