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    French LNG Imports Reach 10-Year High in 2019


LNG imports were up 87%, while consumption increased by only 2%.

by: Joseph Murphy

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French LNG Imports Reach 10-Year High in 2019

French LNG imports surged to a 10-year high of 219 TWh in 2019, up 87% yr/yr, transmission system operator GRTgaz said on January 24.

Gas transit to other countries was up 72% at a record 115 TWh, with flows to Spain and Switzerland rising by 75%.

In a statement, GRTgaz said the growth in LNG shipments would help Western Europe diversify its sources of supply and bring down gas prices in France.

French gas consumption was relatively unchanged last year, up 2% at 451 TWh as a result of increased use in the power sector.