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    France considers reopening coal plant


Disruptions in Russian gas flow have coincided with outages at France's nuclear power plants.

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France considers reopening coal plant

France is considering reopening a recently closed coal-fired power plant "given the situation in Ukraine" and its impact on energy markets, the country's energy transition ministry reported on June 26.

The 600-MW Emile Huchet power plant in Saint-Avold in east France was shut down on March 31, leaving another facility in Cordemais in the west as the country's only remaining coal-fired station. France generates about two thirds of its electricity at nuclear power plants, with coal typically accounting for less than 1% of the mix.

The ministry said the station might be needed this winter, but noted that no Russian coal would be used at the facility. France is one of a number of European countries to suffer disruptions in Russian gas flow in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

Problems with Russian gas supply have coincided with outages at France's fleet of nuclear power stations, with at least a dozen of its 56 reactors currently offline for maintenance and repair work.