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    Fluor partners with CCUS developer


CarbonFree has developed a means of mineralising emissions.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Fluor partners with CCUS developer

US engineering group Fluor has partnered with carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) developer CarbonFree to help bring the latter's technology to market.

CarbonFree's patented SkyCycle technology captures CO2 that would otherwise be emitted by industrial plants and mineralises those emissions. Using calcium and magnesium salts, it takes the CO2 and produces precipitated calcium carbonate and synthetic limestone.

Fluor brings to the table its construction and engineering capabilities, CarbonFree said when announcing the partnership on July 29, enabling SkyCycle's development on a larger scale and faster. 

"We have the right instrument at the right time in history to make a big impact," CarbonFree CTO Joe Jones said in a statement. "We’ve been preparing for years—taking our time with our patents and getting our technology down—and now the world is ready."

"Fluor’s relationship with disruptive carbontech pioneers is an integral part of our sustainability and energy transition commitment," Fluor's president for development and sustainability, Al Collins, added. "CarbonFree has a unique carbon-to-value solution and we look forward to leveraging our combined capabilities to help deliver a lower carbon future.

CarbonFree said it had been developing and refining its technology for over 15 years. It has been capturing CO2 and converting it into baking soda at an industrial cement plant in Texas using a similar process called SkyMine.