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    First Nation in landmark Canadian gas to power project


Gas-fired power plant will generate no emissions

by: Dale Lunan

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First Nation in landmark Canadian gas to power project

Alberta’s Frog Lake First Nations, which already owns an oil and gas producing company, said August 9 it would take a majority ownership position in Canada’s first zero emission, gas-fired power plant.

Frog Lake Energy Resources, wholly-owned by the First Nation, will hold a 51% interest in the Frog Lake-Kanata Power Plant limited partnership. Kanata Clean Energy & Climate Technologies will hold the other 49%.


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Together, the two will use NET Power’s Allam-Fetvedt cycle technology that uses natural gas and pure oxygen, instead of air, to generate electricity with zero CO2emissions. 

In the Allam-Fetvedt cycle, CO2 emitted during the initial natural gas combustion is recycled through the combustor, turbine, heat exchanger and compressor, leaving only water and a small amount of CO2, which is then sequestered.

Allam-Fetvedt power plants are already under development in the US and the UK, but this will be the first deployment of the technology in Canada. The plant will generate 300 MW of clean electricity and enough water for 15,000 homes.

Initial project development is already underway, and engineering is expected to begin in September 2021. Pending regulatory approvals, construction will begin in 2023, with operations set to start in 2025.