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    Finnish Gasum wins state LNG supply contract


The renewed contract will include maritime LNG sales.

by: William Powell

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Finnish Gasum wins state LNG supply contract

Finnish utility Gasum has won the government tender to supply LNG to the Finnish transport infrastructure agency and the Finnish border guard for another year. it said August 20. The framework agreement may be extended for another two years.

State procurement agency Hansel said the framework arrangement enables "government organisations to source LNG with a high level of supply security and with consideration for responsibility aspects. LNG is better shipping fuel than oil for climate and this framework arrangement enables clients to also procure bio version of LNG."

Gasum said maritime transport "plays a leading role in changing course towards a cleaner tomorrow. LNG complies with all the emission requirements and is highly energy-efficient."

 LNG is the cleanest shipping fuel and meets the current and future requirements set by the International Maritime Organization and the European Union. A switch to LNG helps fully eliminate sulphur oxide and particulate emissions and cut nitrogen dioxide emissions by 85%. LNG use reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21% on a well to wake basis.