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    Exmar diversifies into ammonia-fuelled tankers


With partner and fuel-supplier Nutrien on board, it hopes to have the first vessel on the water in a few years.

by: William Powell

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Exmar diversifies into ammonia-fuelled tankers

Major North American ammonia manufacturer Nutrien and Belgian LNG shipping company Exmar have paired up in a bid to reduce maritime emissions with a collaboration agreement signed July 3o.

The aim is to "significantly reduce Nutrien’s maritime transportation emissions and enable the commercial development of an ammonia-fuelled vessel. Together, they will chart a clear path for wide adoption of low-carbon ammonia as a clean fuel for the maritime industry," they said. They hope to have the vessel ready in 2025.

Nutrien has been working on low-carbon ammonia for more than a decade and has about 1mn metric tons/yr of production capability, some of which has carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology inbuilt.

Compared with conventional fuels, Nutrien’s low-carbon ammonia will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% and up to 70% with CCS. Nutrien and Exmar said they were "confident that development of a vessel powered by low-carbon ammonia can align with the International Maritime Organization's 2050 goals, and expect deep decarbonisation of the maritime industry to be achievable prior to 2030."

Exmar said that developing an ammonia-fuelled vessel with its long-standing partner Nutrien was an exciting and logical next step, The project includes the selection of an engine and the choice of shipyard and the vessel will use Nutrien’s existing low-carbon ammonia supply from Geismar, Louisiana.