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    Eurogas Sees PCIs Key for Low-Carbon Future


The proposed list of Projects of Common Interest should even out gas supplies in the former socialist bloc, the group says, on the eve of the European parliament's vote.

by: William Powell

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Eurogas Sees PCIs Key for Low-Carbon Future

European energy utilities' industry group Eurogas urged the European parliament to vote for the Projects of Common Interest (PCI), as it says they are essential "to complete the gas networks in central, east and southeast Europe and to support the diversification of supply sources to the EU." The list is set to be voted on February 12.

Eurogas says the infrastructure will also carry renewable and decarbonised gas, which will help Europe achieve its ambition of carbon neutrality in 2050.

Its opponents say that at least some of the infrastructure will become stranded as gas demand falls, meaning money will be wasted. European Union market rules that allow reverse flow have also freed up more gas to flow to where prices are higher, evening out prices across the region.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson said February 11 that a "strong and robust gas network" is "essential to enhance the security of supply and diversification of sources." He said that financing gas infrastructure through the PCIs "will deliver the deployment of renewable and decarbonised gases and help achieve the EU's carbon neutrality goals in a cost-efficient way."

The PCI list is drawn up based on the work the European network development plan (TYNDP) and the TEN-E Regulation, public consultations and numerous energy experts. It identifies infrastructure projects with high potential to ensure transition towards sustainable, secure and affordable energy.