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    EU lawmakers resist labelling natural gas as green


The objection will be voted on by the European Parliament at large in early July.

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EU lawmakers resist labelling natural gas as green

Lawmakers on the European Parliament's environment and economic committees have objected to the European Commission's proposal to label natural gas and nuclear energy as sustainable in its taxonomy, suggesting the commission may have greater difficulty than anticipated getting the changes passed.

The two committees voted 76 in favour of objecting to the proposal, while 62 lawmakers supported it and four more abstained.


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"MEPs recognise the role of nuclear and fossil gas in guaranteeing stable energy supply during the transition to a sustainable economy," a parliament statement on June 15 read. "But, they consider that the technical screening standards proposed by the commission, in its delegated regulation, to support their inclusion do not respect the criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities as set out in Article 3 of the taxonomy regulation."

The lawmakers' resolution also "requests that any new or amended delegated acts should be subject to a public consultation and impact assessments, as they could have significant economic, environmental and social impacts," it stated.

The resolution will be voted on by all MEPs during a July 4-7 session, and the parliament and the European Council will have until July 11 to decide whether or not to veto the commission's proposal.