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    3 Pillars of New 'Energy Union' Leaked Document



A stronger ACER, consolidated ties with strategic partners and a more integrated LNG system seem to be the three pillars of the Energy Union

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3 Pillars of New 'Energy Union' Leaked Document

A stronger ACER, consolidated ties with strategic partners and a more integrated LNG system seem to be the three pillars of the Energy Union, according to a leaked document made available on Friday

Apart from the principles already stated several times (energy security, solidarity, trust; full integrated European energy market; energy efficiency; decarbonising the economy; research, innovation and competitiveness), in the document, the European Commission offered some more practical measures to achieve these principles. 

This transition, which is Brussels’ clear priority, could take several years, as it will require significant diplomatic efforts. The EU will then consider “reframing” its ties with Moscow based on a “level playing field” at a later stage. 


‘As part of a revitalised European energy and climate diplomacy, the EU will use all its foreign policy instruments to establish strategic energy partnerships with producing and transit countries such as Algeria and Turkey; Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan; the Middle East; Africa and other potential suppliers’ reads the leaked document made available by Euractiv.

The document added that the European Commission is also paying attention to building a strategic gas partnership with Ukraine.  


As said by European Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete earlier this week, LNG is expected to play a central role too. The Commissioner announced that he will draft a new LNG strategy. 

At the moment, it looks like the measures will include infrastructures that could transfer gas from LNG terminals to other regions of the Continent. 

‘The Commission will prepare a comprehensive LNG strategy, which will also look into the necessary transport infrastructure linking LNG access points with the internal market.’


The Commission also sees a stronger role of ACER in the coming future. 

‘EU-wide regulation of the single market should be strengthened, through a significant reinforcement of the powers and independence of ACER to enable it to effectively oversee, as European regulator, the development of the internal energy market and the related market rules as well as to deal with all cross- border issues necessary to create a seamless internal market’ reads the document leaked on Friday.  


A few hours later, European officials took part to the inauguration of an electricity interconnection between France and Spain

‘This power line, a project of common European interest, doubles the existing electricity interconnection capacity between France and Spain, from 1400 megawatt to 2800 megawatt, and helps connecting the power system of the Iberian Peninsula to other European energy markets. The project has received €255 million EU support under the European Energy Programme for Recovery’ reads a separate press release.

Sergio Matalucci 

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