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    EU Energy Regulator to Grow Stronger


EU governments mayhave to concede some sovereignty in the interests of better cross-border energy trade.

by: William Powell

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EU Energy Regulator to Grow Stronger

The European Union Council has agreed to "update" the role of the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (Acer), it said June 11. The agreement provides the presidency with a mandate to start negotiations with the European parliament.

It says that increased market integration and the change towards more variable electricity production "means that further efforts are needed to co-ordinate national energy policies with neighbouring countries and to make greater use of the opportunities offered by cross-border electricity trade." 

The objective of the regulation is to improve collaboration between national electricity and gas regulators by updating the tasks of the agency. Acer is already active in the field of wholesale market supervision and cross-border issues, the council said.

The proposal to revise the Acer regulation is the last legal act of Clean Energy for All Europeans Package and when adopted, EU member states will be able to prepare for unexpected energy supply crises and ensure the security of electricity supply as the generation of renewable energy fluctuates.  

The new regulatory tasks and competences will require adequate involvement of the member states so legislation will be adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure or through implementing acts.