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    EU Hails Package to Cut Emissions by 45%


A package aimed at steeper EU emission cuts than anticipated – by some 45% by 2030 relative to 1990, instead of 40% - has cleared the European Parliament.

by: Mark Smedley

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EU Hails Package to Cut Emissions by 45%

The European Commission welcomed November 13 the adoption earlier that morning of key elements of its 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package by the European Parliament.

It still requires adoption by the EU council of ministers, expected shortly, before it becomes law.

The new regulatory framework, in particular via the introduction of the first national energy and climate plans, brings regulatory certainty and enabling conditions for essential investments to take place in this important sector, the commission said.

"It empowers European consumers to become fully active players in the energy transition and fixes two new targets for the EU in 2030: a binding renewable energy target of at least 32% and an energy efficiency target of at least 32.5%, which will stimulate Europe's industrial competitiveness, boost growth and jobs, reduce energy bills, help tackle energy poverty and improve air quality. When these policies will be fully implemented, they will lead to steeper emission reductions for the whole EU than anticipated – some 45% by 2030 compared to 1990, instead of 40%. To strive towards a long-term greenhouse gas reduction objective, the framework sets up a robust governance system of the Energy Union." 

The commission added that, over the next few days, the EU council of ministers [representing the 28 EU states] will finalise its formal approval of the three laws  one on renewable targets, one on energy efficiency, the other on governance  in the coming weeks: "This endorsement will be followed by the publication of the texts in the Official Journal of the Union, and the new legislation will enter into force three days after publication."  Additional info is available from the commission and parliament.

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