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    EU Commission Needs Right Legal Framework: Eurogas


While the EC's climate plans are encouraging, Eurogas said a policy framework for developing gas technologies was needed to help the EU reach its goals.

by: William Powell

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EU Commission Needs Right Legal Framework: Eurogas

Climate plans announced by the newly-elected president of the European Union Commission (EC) Ursula van der Leyen must develop the right regulatory framework for the development of renewable and decarbonised gas, said lobby group Eurogas July 17.

While commenting that it is "encouraging" that the new EC president recognises the importance of addressing the energy transition and puts it at the top of her political agenda, it said that the president should oversee the development of targets for renewable and decarbonised gas in the near future.

It said that a policy framework was needed to deliver the necessary innovative gas technologies, such as power-to-gas, carbon capture and storage and biomethane. This can help the EU to reach its climate targets "in a cost effective and publicly acceptable way," it said. But the energy transition has to be delivered with "as much public support as possible and utilising the existing gas infrastructure is a perfect way to reduce the disruption of European citizens' daily lives as we travel through the energy transition."

The outgoing German defence minister won the top post by the narrowest margin ever: nine votes, reportedly on the back of right-wing or nationalist members of European parliament. She succeeds Jean-Claude Juncker in November.