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    ESJ Insight: On Energy Security With Dr. James Henderson


Energy security in Europe is a complex web that involves economics, politics and strategy.

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ESJ Insight: On Energy Security With Dr. James Henderson

In the middle of this is the Nordstream 2 pipeline, which is still seen as necessary to meet Europe’s demand for gas. The Russian oil and gas are essential for maintaining not just everyday needs like electricity and heat, but also for maintaining economic production and manufacturing. 

Dr. James Henderson is the Director of the Natural Gas Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, joins us to discuss the future of energy security in Europe, and the recent arrest of Alexei Navalny.

"Inevitably the Navalny situation means that political arguments become more powerful and I think that Nord Stream 2 could end up suffering as a result of that. Even those who argue that the Nord Stream 2 should be seen as a commercial project and should be allowed to go ahead, must see that the situation about Navalny gives people who make political arguments stronger platforms. The Navalny issue is likely to lay heavy on the things like Nord Stream 2 which is the most obvious asset to target in the gas sector, specifically if you want to undermine the Russian influence."
James Henderson, Director of OIES Gas Programme

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