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    Equinor Uses LNG For North Sea Production Vessels


Running mainly on LNG, these vessels will enable huge savings in fuel and emissions of all kinds.

by: William Powell

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Equinor Uses LNG For North Sea Production Vessels

Norwegian Equinor is to use two state-of-the-art LNG-fuelled dynamic positioning shuttle tankers (DPSTs) on long-term charter for some of its North Sea oil production, petroleum tanker owner and operator AET said October 16.

The newest vessels, built in Korea by Samsung Heavy Industries, named Eagle Balder and Eagle Blane, will emit 85% less SOx, 98% less NOx, 98% less particulate matter and 93% less black carbon particulates than DPSTs burning conventional fuel. They will also use 3,000 metric tons/yr less than conventional tankers built in 2008.

They will also emit 40%-48% less carbon, meeting the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) target of reducing carbon (CO2) emissions by 40% against 2008 baselines by 2030, and halving CO2 emissions by 2050. They will also be able to capture 100% of the harmful volatile organic compounds that escape into the air from crude oil cargoes during loading and voyage for reuse as a supplementary fuel.

The vessels, whose primary fuel will be LNG, will serve Norwegian energy company Equinor on long-term charter for operations both in oilfields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and the southern Barents Sea, as well as on the UK Continental Shelf.