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    Eni sees a further reduction in Russian gas: press


Deliveries to fall to around 27mn m3/d, though Italy's situation is not as bad as its northern European peers.

by: Callum Cyrus

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Eni sees a further reduction in Russian gas: press

Gazprom has reduced piped gas deliveries to Italy's Eni from around 34mn m3/d to 27 mn m3/d, after reducing its Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 20% of overall capacity, in a move widely seen in Europe as being politically motivated.

Italy has been less affected by the Nord Stream outages than some of its European peers, particularly Germany. Eni said last week that Gazprom had increased gas supplies to around 36mn m3/d, from around 21mn m3/d in previous days. The Italian major also ships significant gas quantities from Algeria through the Transmed pipeline, providing some cover for Gazprom's curtailments.

Gazprom reduced the daily output of the Portovaya compressor station, which handles gas pumped into Nord Stream 1, to 33mn m3/day at 7:00 Moscow time. The reduction was blamed on the closure of a second Siemens gas turbine, after Canda confirmed the first turbine would be allowed back into Russia following repairs, in a special exemption to its sanctions regime.

Nord Stream was shut completely for planned maintenance from July 11 to July 21. The Kremlin's adversaries in Western Europe widely believe the reduction in gas flows to be orchestrated as a political attack amid the continued war in Ukraine.