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    Engie, XOP to Expand French LNG Distribution


Deliveries should start in October.

by: Joe Murphy

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Engie, XOP to Expand French LNG Distribution

France's Engie has brought on board US logistics company XPO Logistics to help it expand the availability of LNG in France, the companies said on January 25.

Under a multi-year contract, XPO will transport gas from Engie's LNG terminal in the port of Fos-sur-Mer in southern France to all Engie's LNG filling station in the Great Southeast region. XPO has invested in cryogenic tanks able to maintain a temperature of minus 161 degrees Celsius to carry the super-cooled gas, and established a fleet of LNG trucks.  The first deliveries are expected to take place in October.

Engie's Gnvert subsidiary is a leading distributor of alternative fuels in France. In addition to LNG, it distributes compressed natural gas and hydrogen.

"Gnvert is proud to rely on the know-how of XPO Logistics to support the transition to carbon neutral mobility in France through LNG distribution, Gnvert's director general Jean-Bapiste Furia said. "This is a specialised service that very few transport companies offer."

"Our French team is excited to launch XPO’s first LNG distribution service this year," XPO's director general for transport in France, Jean-Emmanuel Mongnot, commented. "We’ll continue to build on our expertise and innovate to meet our customers’ needs."