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    Engie launches "carbon intelligence" platform


The platform is designed to help companies track their emissions accurately.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Engie launches "carbon intelligence" platform

France's Engie has launched a new "carbon intelligence platform", which enables businesses to better track their emissions and take action to reduce them, the company said on September 20.

Known as Ellipse, the platform provides assess to advanced data analytics that give companies an accurate representation of the carbon output across their value chain, covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, Engie said.

"Organisations currently struggle with managing vast amounts of carbon-related data, or lack carbon reporting infrastructure, rudimentary Scope 3 reporting strategies and the necessary inhouse talent to drive efforts forward," Engie explained. "Ellipse mitigates these issues by providing a unified, accurate view of carbon emissions across an organisation's entire portfolio and supply chain."