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    Enagas, partners eye clean gas for Madrid


The group is aiming to reduce emissions from the transport and industrial sectors, using a photovoltaic plant to produce green hydrogen.

by: William Powell

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Enagas, partners eye clean gas for Madrid

Spanish gas transmission system operator Enagas, French EDF, the gas network operator of Madrid and Q-Energy have partnered to promote the creation of the 'Renewable Hydrogen Valley,' they said July 5. The project, if realised, will cover production and distribution of hydrogen.

The aim is to produce 8,500 metric tons (mt)/yr of hydrogen, saving 132,000 mt of CO2/yr from the transport and industrial sectors. A 60-MW electrolyser powered by a photovoltaic solar power plant, both newly built, will sit at the heart of the project, so it is small compared with Enagas' plan for green hydrogen in the south of Spain which it announced late last month.

Green hydrogen will be consumed locally or distributed by the gas network or by trucks to final consumers, mainly in the mobility sector, transport companies and logistics, including the nearby airport. In the medium to long term, neutral or emission-free jetfuel may also be supplied.

Enagas CEO Marcelino Oreja said the agreement "fits perfectly with Enagas's commitment to decarbonisation. The company will contribute its experience in promoting renewable gases in a project that is an example of how by joining forces we can contribute to the energy transition in sectors as important as industry and transport, and to reduce global emissions.”

EDF's local head Ana Gil Nuno said EDF was aiming to achieve carbon neutrality and had "experience in the field of renewable hydrogen, essential for decarbonising industry and transport."

The CEO of Madrid's gas network operator Alejandro Lafarga said it was committed to "innovative projects carried out with companies and associations that seek transformative processes that increase the energy efficiency of end consumers and, especially, the future use of renewable energies." He said the company was dedicated to "the development of renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane."