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    Enagas Launches NatGas Station in Valencia


It offers drivers both CNG and LNG.

by: William Powell

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Enagas Launches NatGas Station in Valencia

Spanish Enagas and Grupo ALZ have launched a facility that offers both liquefied and compressed natural gas (LNG and CNG) at a filling station in Valencia, the grid operator said November 21. It is one of the first in Spain to do so. 

Enagas subsidiary Scale Gas has invested in the natural gas supply facility and will be responsible for its maintenance, while Grupo ALZ will be responsible for the supply of natural gas to users. Enagas said "the use of LNG and CNG in transport is key to improving air quality and moving towards more sustainable mobility." 

Scale Gas was founded in 2017 to set up, operate and maintain small-scale LNG supply infrastructure such as terminals, ship fuelling facilities, and natural gas supply points for vehicles. The company has its roots in Enagas Emprende, investing in and accelerating disruptive businesses and technologies in energy transition and decarbonisation.

Grupo ALZ is a family-run company committed to the transport sector. It has several filling stations and a gas centre in the province of Valencia.