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    Eesti Gaas Launches 1st LNG Station in Latvia


The unit will provide gas to a fish cannery.

by: Joe Murphy

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Eesti Gaas Launches 1st LNG Station in Latvia

Estonian gas supplier Eesti Gaas (EG) has completed the first LNG station in Latvia, it reported on September 30. The station will provide gas for the Unda fish cannery. First a temporary, mobile LNG unit was installed, so that the cannery could use gas straight away. Then a permanent station was built.

Unda said it was switching to LNG to reduce its energy costs by 30% and lower its emissions.

"Affordable, clean and easy to use, natural gas is the most competitive fuel. In the absence of a gas pipeline, natural gas can be liquefied and transported by trucks and regasified on site," said Davis Skulte, head of EG subsidiary Elenger Latvia. "Even after these additional costs, gas remains an advantageous solution."