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    Dutch Take Hydrogen Hub Plan Forward


The government is taking the lead in driving the Dutch hydrogen economy.

by: William Powell

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Dutch Take Hydrogen Hub Plan Forward

Dutch gas transporter Gasunie proposed September 30 the creation of a climate-neutral hydrogen market, along the lines of the Dutch gas and power exchanges. It said it would be good for the climate as well as the economy. It was the economy and climate ministry that commissioned a report, A Hydrogen Exchange for the Climate, which was presented to the minister Eric Wiebes that day.

Prepared by former Dutch Energy Exchange head Bert den Ouden, the plan "shows that it would create a win-win situation for all parties involved," Gasunie said. It will now work with four Dutch ports – Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen and an agglomeration of three smaller ports including Vlissingen known as North Sea Port – on a definition study to be carried out into the practical design for a hydrogen exchange. It will also be headed by den Ouden and will be complete in a year.

Gasunie said it has been working on plans for national hydrogen infrastructure connecting the hubs and in particular the import and transit to Germany and Belgium possible. Gasunie's title transfer facility is Europe's largest gas hub, and it said a hydrogen exchange could have the same catalytic effect on the market forces driving hydrogen.

Rotterdam Port said that it was "important that we all pull together on this. Not only do we want to speed up the development of hydrogen in the Netherlands, we also want to make sure our country plays a pivotal role in the renewal of northwestern Europe’s energy system."

The Netherlands has a unique starting position due to its cost-efficient approach to sustainable energy, its location, which is perfect both for offshore wind and the landing of hydrogen imports, the role that Dutch industry plays in hydrogen, and the unique gas infrastructure that can be converted to transport hydrogen. The Netherlands also has a track record when it comes to energy exchanges: as the designer of the system of market coupling in respect of the European electricity exchanges, and the creation of Europe’s leading gas market, Gasunie said.