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    Dutch NAM to Restart Pernis Gas Output


The Shell-Exxon joint venture still has small fields to operate for domestic supply.

by: William Powell

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Dutch NAM to Restart Pernis Gas Output

Dutch producer NAM plans to restart gas extraction from the Pernis gas field, it said August 27, without giving a date. The small field is one of a few hundred such, and is separate from the Groningen field, which will produce just 9.3bn m³ of its low-calorie gas this coming gas year.

Pernis will produce about 300mn m³ over a few years, unless drilling causes nuisance or damage, NAM said. However, this is unlikely as it has never caused any tremors: “The expected subsidence is small and is not expected to have any negative effects on the environment. We will stop gas extraction at unexpectedly higher soil subsidence levels,” it said.

Pernis is one of the 240 small gas fields in the Netherlands. Most natural gas from small fields is used in households and the remainder is used to keep the industry running. NAM added that gas will remain an important part of the Dutch energy mix and domestic gas is preferable to imports. It is also less polluting than imported gas, is cheaper and provides employment for the Dutch economy, it said.