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    DNG Energy receives South Africa's 1st LNG shipment


The company is promoting the use of LNG for road and maritime transport.

by: Shardul Sharma

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DNG Energy receives South Africa's 1st LNG shipment

DNG Energy has received South Africa’s first-ever consignment of LNG, it said on November 16 in a statement. The shipment arrived from Rotterdam.

“The development is a precursor to the commissioning of DNG’s first floating storage unit delivery in the first quarter of 2022, setting the stage for a new era of growth, competition, and sustainability in the energy market,” the company said.

“This affordable alternative energy is the culmination of a $5bn, seven-year investment in infrastructure. The development will catalyse the growth of a new gas economy in South Africa in turn, supporting the shift to more sustainable energy sources, facilitating industrialisation, creating new jobs, and offering commercial customers more choice,” it added.

DNG Energy said it is promoting the use of LNG for road and maritime transport, specifically for trucks, buses, and ships. It has commissioned South African Shipyards in Durban to build an 8,000 metric ton LNG barge that will be moored at Coega.

“We look at the LNG value chain in a holistic way, from source to consumption, with ambitious expansion infrastructure plans for South Africa, Mozambique, and Nigeria,” DNG Energy CEO Aldworth Mbalati said. “Over the next few years, LNG has the potential to drive significant growth and job creation, while helping South Africa meet its targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 30% to 40%.”