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    Cyber-Attack Hits Shell's Data Transfer System


However the unknown hacker did not get into the company's IT system and the company is assessing the risks with those inside and outside the company whose data has been hacked.

by: William Powell

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Cyber-Attack Hits Shell's Data Transfer System

Anglo-Dutch major Shell suffered from a cyber-attack, it said March 16, when someone hacked into its file transfer system for a short period. It said it had "addressed the vulnerabilities with its service provider and cyber security team, and started an investigation to better understand the nature and extent of the incident."

However it said there was no evidence of any impact to Shell’s core IT systems as the file transfer service is isolated from the rest of Shell’s digital infrastructure.

Some of the files contained personal data and others included data from Shell companies and some of their stakeholders. Shell said it was working with all affected to address possible risks. It said it had also "been in contact with relevant regulators and authorities and will continue to do so as the investigation continues."

It said it would continue to monitor its IT systems and improve security. "We regret the concern and inconvenience this may cause affected parties," it said.