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    Croatia Invites Bids for Onshore Blocks


Seven onshore blocks are on offer, with bids due by mid-2019.

by: Mark Smedley

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Croatia Invites Bids for Onshore Blocks

Croatia's government last week announced a licensing round for seven new onshore exploration areas.

Announcing the round October 31, the national upstream regulator AZU said the deadline for bids is June 30, 2019 after which the best bidder will be selected according to the environment and energy ministry's proposal and the licences awarded.

It expects "good interest from foreign companies due to the known potential" of the Pannonian basin blocks being offered. Areas listed are: Drava-03 (DR-03), Sava-06 (SA-06), Sava-07 (SA-07), Sava-11 (SA-11), Sava-12 (SA-12), northwest Croatia-01 (SZH-01) and northwestern Croatia-05 (SZH-05).