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    Coro restores Italian gas output


The Italian gas fields of Sillaro, Rapagnano and Casa Tiberi are producing around 18,500 m3/day.

by: Callum Cyrus

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Coro restores Italian gas output

Coro Energy, a London-listed independent active in Italy and South East Asia, has restored gas flows from its three Italian onshore assets, which are currently producing at an average rate of around 18,500 m3/day, Coro Energy said June 16.

The Italian gas fields of Sillaro, Rapagnano and Casa Tiberi have all been brought back online, with further production from Casa Tonetto expected shortly. The biggest gas share is coming from Sillaro gas field, where production has reached a rate of around 12,000 m3/day. Coro Energy is gradually stepping up gas output further, despite higher expected summer temperatures, as it believes greater production can be sustained.

Rapagnano is producing around 5,500 m3/d ahead of a well reperforation programme that should boost yields later this summer, while Casa Tiberi's average output has risen above 1,000 m3/day. 

Coro Energy's Italian onshore portfolio contains an estimated 216.4mn min 2P natural gas reserves and resources.