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    Chinese automaker develops hydrogen engine


The engine was developed independently by GAC. [image credit: GAC]

by: Joseph Murphy

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Chinese automaker develops hydrogen engine

Chinese automaker GAC has developed its first hydrogen-fuelled vehicle engine, the company announced on September 30.

Based on GAC's fourth-generation engine technology, the engine was developed independently and has been optimised through a number of innovations. These include a newly developed combustion chamber, which improves the mixing process of hydrogen and air, and upgrades to the hydrogen supply system, which improves power density and reduces the risk of hydrogen leakage, GAC said.

The engine also has improved heat dissipation capacity, which minimises combustion risks and makes it a safe option for vehicles. The engine pistons, piston rings and connecting rods have been strengthened, improving heat dissipation in both the cylinder head and cylinder block, GAC said. The thermal efficiency of the engine is expected to exceed 44%.

GAC said its research and development centre would continue to carry out thermodynamic calibration and mechanical development of the engine. The company will promote the development of chains for hydrogen production, storage and hydrogenation processes.