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    Chevron Files Lawsuit Against Polish Shale Gas Protesters



Chevron files suit against shale gas protesters in Poland after locals violated the company's right of access at future exploration site near Zurawlow.


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Chevron Files Lawsuit Against Polish Shale Gas Protesters

Chevron Corp. has decided to proceed with legal action against against protesters occupying a shale gas development site in Eastern Poland.

Residents of the agricultural village of Żurawlów have manned a blockade since it was set up last year, which has preventing Chevron from commencing drilling.

The protester claimed they were acting to enforces a law which states that no activity on the ground or in the air should be conducted with the bird’ habits or habitats during bird breeding season.

Chevron said it filed the action on the grounds that the protesters were violating its lawful right of access to the site.

"While we respect the rights of individuals to express their opinions, it should be done within the law. We believe that the views expressed by a small group of people do not reflect views of the majority of residents", in the region around the site, Chevron said in a statement.

The protest has been documented in Drill Baby Drill, a film by Polish American filmmaker Lech Kowalski.

 Żurawlów, approximately 20 kilometres north-east of Zamość and 80 km south-east of the regional capital Lublin, is the site of one of four shale gas exploration concessions Chevron holds in Poland.