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    Gas 360° - Natural gas in the evolving energy discourse

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Natural Gas World (NGW), the global engagement and information platform for the natural gas value chain, in partnership with Gas Pathways - the authoritative, credible and fact-based national and international platform to demonstrate the innovation agenda around gas energy and gas energy infrastructure, presents the fourth Canadian Gas Dialogues conference – Gas 360° - Natural Gas in the Evolving Energy Discourse – as a live event March 30, 2022 at the Calgary Petroleum Club.


Canadian LNG For a Better World: How to Achieve Success?

Canadian LNG is being positioned as a better environmental choice than many of the current options to generate power and fuel industry in Asia. How can Canada leverage and amplify this strength? Will doing so be enough to bring more Canadian projects to a final investment decision?

The Net Zero Agenda: What about the Gas Consumer?

Many argue that much greater electrification of Canada’s energy system will be a necessary path to net zero. This argument frequently lacks a full understanding of the full system implications such as energy costs and reliability. Is the natural gas industry, its products and infrastructure victims of an agenda, and what are the potential implications to consumers?

Responsible Gas: A Pathway to greater support for Hydrocarbons?

Major gas producers in Canada and the US are seeking certification of their product as proof of environmental  sustainability. Can this bring greater acceptance and support to the hydrocarbon industry?

CCS: Political and Regulatory Next Steps

Alberta has ambitious innovation agenda in support of carbon capture and storage, not only to make natural gas more sustainable but also to drive growth in the blue hydrogen sector. What is needed on the policy and regulatory fronts to ensure the success of CCS in Canada?




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